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Chocolaticas Double Topping HCD

They cough me LOL Sorry I'm just easy to laugh! hehe

Good morning Bikers Days!!!

Our rebel honey bunch Julie is helping us today! <3 Love youuuuu

Selfie time with stand neighbors from Kalamakara Metallobjekte!

Our latest event, Bikers Days Basel July 2017... Walking to our stand early in the morning of day one and I found a huge line of bikes already parked!

Second day of Bikers Days, this time with my Amorcito!!!

It was a LONG day and Eli also came to the rescue!!!

For kids only!!! Summer festival at the SIS :)

With a lot of princesses necklaces and funky earrings!

Watermelon all the way at the SIS :)

Setting up for the Fantasy Basel 2017!!! Lots to carry, lots to do!

<3 my heels table is ready while there's nobody here! I guess we're the early bird of the block hehe

Ready to roll at the Fantasy Basel 2017!!!

Day one outfit; featuring our Chocolaticas Eternal Love with a polka dots Lindy Bop dress <3

Mary Poppins came for a visit and she fall in love with our Doris heels <3

Day two outfit; featuring our Chocolaticas Pop Corn with a roller blade retro Lindy Bop dress <3

Winter market 2016 with my crazy friend Olguita!

Winter market at the ISB 2016!!! Literally, two hours of madness!!!

Winter = Pacman!!! In winter I'm hungry 24/7... but don't worry they always have good food at the ISB hehe

Ready to roll Latin-American festival 2016 :)

Yes, Llamas were walking at the Latin-American fest!!! and this one in particular stayed staring at us for a long time until we figured it out, she was staring at herself in out mirror!!! Glad she didn't run into it!!!

We had the pleasure to participate in the IFach corner at the St Jakob shopping centre in July 2016, these were two weeks of really hard work! Different approach and great experience!

First anniversary + my birthday and our friend Heli made us this awesome UKinkalla cake! Such a cool surprise!!! Totally love it!!! <3

First time ever at the Fantasy Basel fair!!! incredible experience!!! Special thanks to our friends Eli and her family troop, my amorcito Heli and my big grasshopper, love you girls <3

Alice in Wonderland cast came for a visit!!! Fantasy Basel is AMAZING!!! Totally recommended :)

On the way to our first event in Switzerland with no German knowledge whatsoever! We can do this Zurich Pop Up Market =D

Immerse in my thoughts... mostly because I had no German at all! what was I thinking?! hahaha

Happy ever after Zurich Pop Up Market!!! we did it!!! big thanks to my big grasshopper, my Amorcito Heli and my hubby who wanted to kill me that day lol

#tbt Back in Portobello market where everything started!!!

UKinkalla enjoys the day with a smile :)


Founded in 2004 by Pablo Martínez & Carolina Aguerrevere, Hot Chocolate Design emerges into the Venezuelan market as a local fresh and innovative accessories brand, based on the consumers’ need of fleeing away from the uniformity and creative rigidity provided by mass produced brands. 


They define HCD as a design brand which occasionally blends with art as the concept, design and fabrication of each item they produce shoes, bathing suits, purses, bags, home products, among others – is intended to reflect the individuality of each item. Betting on their customer’s need for originality, they offer limited collections and their retired products have become collector’s items for many of their fans. 

The inspiration behind HCD comes mainly from their own lifestyle; their passion for collecting vintage items and certain nostalgia for all of the 

things that made them feel happy and comfortable when they were young. 


In their design brainstorms, they draw from items, colours, textures and patterns that they treasured in their infancy as well as their yearning to come across them again in our adult lives, transformed as Hot Chocolate Design ® one of a kind accessories. 


Their current brands are formed by their main line Hot Chocolate 

Design®, accompanied by its dead twin and dark side, Dark Chocolate Design®. Welcome zombies, Gothic Lolitas, the living dead, ghosts and spectrum with naughty thoughts.

Chocolaticas HCD
Mini Chocolaticas HCD

Who we are!


We're a small trading business that believe on good quality products and cares about having happy customers and good relationships. 


We love the daily craziness of trading in the markets, always learning from what we experience and supporting each other as traders; we ask questions, we help each other, we give and receive advices and moreover, we look after each other's at all times! 


UKinkalla is also in association with great startup businesses such as Kinkalla in West Australia and Kayacos in England, to bring our clients the best of our home country, Venezuela!


Bringing you deliciously designed shoes from the happiest place on earth, UKinkalla encourage you to enjoy your day with a smile :)



UKinkalla HCD Authorized Seller

We're currently not in the markets but you're taking part in a few awesome shows! Our favourites are Fantasy Basel and Bikers Days Basel, although we also love going to the summer festivals and winter markets of the ISB and SIS schools! 

About our brands!

And this is me ;)


She is Gayle, also known as the “Candy Queen,” and Popping Candy is her baby, born down under from her love of shoes – especially fun, quirky, unique shoes with an artistic flair.

Popping Candy is all about empowering women and girls – finding and owning our true selves, embracing our similarities and celebrating our differences, and living the Sweet Life!

We’re not shy, we don’t hide in the corner, and we love attention! And we want you to have fun, be brave and put your best foot forward… all while rocking cute, comfy shoes!

Popping Candy makes life sweet!

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