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Pre-Orders Info hub!

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(Arrived) Pre-Orders July 2023

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Hoi Hoi! Welcome to our info hub :)

Here you can be fully informed of the container of your Pre-Orders of July 2023!

- Estimated arrival time: July 2023

- Current status of shipment:

➤ NEXT: All pre-orders dispatched successfully!!!

✅ 08/August/2023: We've dropped half of the parcels into the small parcel box at the post office

✅ 05/August/2023: SHOES HAVE ARRIVED AT OUR LOCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

✅ 02/August/2023: Customs clearance finished!

✅ 27/July/2023: Vessel arrived in the UK!!!

✅ 12/June/2023: Production picked up in China by the forwarder

✅ 10/June/2023: Production ready, and waiting to be picked up by the forwarder

✅ 07/March/2022: Shoes in production at the factory

The Chocolaticas coming in this shipment are:

If you're looking for other designs or have any questions, please contact us at with your order number (when applicable) and we'll be very happy to help :)

Yours sincerely,

Desiree xx

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